Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Work

This is one of my new pieces that I will be showing at the Buyers Market of American Craft next month in Philadelphia. It's the first bracelet that I've ever offered and I hope it will be hit, it's a fun piece to make. I textured the side of the copper, wanted it to look kinda like a large penny. Materials used are sterling silver,copper and part of a stop sign for that beautiful red showing through.


Paula said...

Oh, I like it, I'll have to try it on, does it fit your wrist? Very nice, I'm so glad you did a bracelet--think those will sell well.

Brynna said...

Ohhh, that's pretty cool! I like it!!

Eccentricities said...

As usual... fabulous!!! Hope you and Bryan are having a great new year, Andrea!!


margo tantau said...

are you kidding!? it's fantabulous!!! you will do so well, i can't wait to hear. it may be your first, but it won't be your last. one for me, please! xo