Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth!

This Citybird that I made last week really is very patriotic looking even though I didn't have that in mind while making him. I love him paired up with this red Street Heart necklace.

I bought some old tin noisemakers at the antique mall a few weeks ago and used those for the wings in this Citybird grouping. I just had to make a little charm with the "made in USA" portion of the metal.

I'm pretty good with not getting so attached to pieces that I don't want to sell them but this one is making it hard for me to let go(although I will). This is one necklace with four strands of chain,citybird and street heart. I LOVE it!

And a black and white Citybird(a rarer breed!).

These birdies will all be flying over to Columbia,Missouri mid week to hang out at Poppy, they just love going there. If you are interested in any of them the ladies at Poppy would be glad to help you!

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