Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craft Challenge results are in!

The Ink craft challenge that we participated in is on stands now. Here is our friend Emily on the cover.

Our photo shoot/story on page 29.

I wanted to give you some shots of the pieces up close. I really like this little "prize" brooch. It was constructed from a necktie,copper and the lid from a plastic container that held pantyhose.

The necklace was made from a toothbrush,copper and some vintage chains.

The ring is also from the same toothbrush. Some of you may recognize this from my Ring a Day project.

The safety glasses and first aid kit were made from a video cassette and its box.

Always where those safety glasses in the studio!!

click here to see the whole story and all the cool pieces that were made by everyone.

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Jeanee said...

There is the ring... couldn't see it in the photo :(