Friday, February 12, 2010

ring a Day #43

Here is the ring that I sketched out earlier this week and was anxious to complete. It's such a nice thing when a design turns out as nicely as you imagined it. This ring is completely cold connected,which means that there was no heat(torch and solder) involved. With this piece all layers and the ring shank are connected with hollow rivets or tabs. The "stone" set in the middle is a piece of stop sign. Copper and sterling silver make up the rest.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to get this one done this evening since I got a late start into the studio and a headache to boot.
Sadly tonight we found out that the flights we thought we had booked for the end of the month to Baltimore apparently had fallen through. After searching online for a bit decided it was just too expensive at this point to re-book. We were going up to walk through the American Craft Council show and see if it was something we would like to apply to for next year.

Well, at least I got a beautiful ring out of the evening! Don't you think a little Roger skull would look good in a frame like this?

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